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Puget Sound SPUG Meeting April 15th

The next meeting of the Puget Sound SPUG is this Thursday, April 15th.  Two solid partners are presenting. 

Pizza and networking begins at 6:00PM.

The meeting will be held at the Microsoft office (CIVICA Office Commons) at 205 – 108th Ave NE, Suite 400, Bellevue, WA  98004.  Please park under the building (entrance on 108th Ave NE), and bring your parking ticket to the receptionist to be validated.


6:35 – Lee Garf – Vice President of Product Management at PTC will present – "SharePoint 2010 Based Solutions for Product Development"

Description:  Learn how you can connect the social computing capabilities of SharePoint 2010 with your product development solutions.  Increase innovation, promote idea sharing and requirements gathering, and develop better products.  PTC is an Office 2010 TAP member and has been working with SharePoint 2010 since the Alpha release leveraging the great new social tools to build four new SharePoint applications.

Presenter:   Lee Garf is vice president of product management at PTC, responsible for PTC’s Microsoft SharePoint solutions.  These solutions include Windchill ProductPoint, the first native SharePoint based solution for PLM.  In this role Lee manages all of the product roadmaps, the success of these solutions, and the technical relationship with Microsoft.

7:35pm – Joe Davey, National Director Interactive Services, Slalom Consulting will present – "Leading UI and Social Networking integration using SharePoint 2010 and Silverlight: United States Olympic Committee Pressbox"

The USOC was looking for a new platform for their public facing Pressbox and wanted something that was both visually exciting as well as dynamic, functional and incorporated some of the latest social networking tools.  Using SharePoint 2010 as the content management system for article authoring, image asset management and web content delivery the new solution was a great showcase for SharePoint 2010 and some of the interesting ways you can improve user experience integrating it with Microsoft Silverlight.

Joe will cover:
•    Dynamic search
•    Dynamic Silverlight controls
•    Silverlight integration to SharePoint 2010
•    Web Content Management
•    Any other topics people want to discuss

Slalom Consulting is a national business and technology consulting firm with over 750 consultants and 8 offices across the US.  The Interactive Services group provides Technology Consulting, Creative Services, Application development and specializes in SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Business Intelligence, .Net development and Silverlight development.

Welcome Slalom Consulting!  Slalom is our newest premier sponsor. Let’s give them a warm welcome at our meeting.

A big thanks to idera for sponsoring our Pizza this month! Idera is also sending us a box of goodies to give away.

Wrox Publishing sent us some books for attendees along with some very sweet Wrox treats. (Yes our tongues will be branded Wrox red from their cherry lollipops.) Thanks Wrox.



To follow the Puget Sound SPUG, please visit http://www.PugetSoundSharePoint.org

SharePoint Saturday in Redmond


I’ve been watching the SharePoint Saturday phenomenon for a while now, and I think it’s amazing.  SharePoint has an amazing community of customers and partners and from time to time they come together to do something amazing.

The Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group is sponsoring a SharePoint Saturday in Redmond, on the Microsoft campus, this Saturday, November 7th.

To see the details about this event, click on http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/redmond/default.aspx!

If you’d like to attend, you can register here!

The sessions are going to be amazing.  Now that we’ve passed the disclosure date around SharePoint 2010, most of the sessions will be about SharePoint 2010. 

There will be sessions from the following SharePoint customers and partners:

  • Microsoft
  • 3Sharp
  • Quest Software
  • BlueThread Technologies
  • K2
  • AvePoint
  • Mimosa Systems
  • Allyis

Please join us – it will be held in the luxurious Microsoft Conference Center on the Microsoft campus, and it starts at 9AM!  Get the details from the link above.

I can’t wait!  I’m going to show up early…  to get a good seat?  well, no, not really, I’ll be there to help set things up, but hopefully there will be enough good seats!  Show up early!

See you there-

Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group – Sept 2009 SPRINT Event

The Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group is holding their second SharePoint Sprint event this weekend, September 26, 2009.

The first event was a great success, as the working groups determined their scenarios and goals for the day and worked together to construct the infrastructure and functionality that they wanted in their solution.

This event will be very similar, with new scenarios designed to showcase user, administrator, and developer solutions.

The SharePoint Sprint will be held at the SQLSoft+ office in Bellevue, WA, on Saturday, September 26, 2009, from 8:30AM – 5:00PM.

Please register here if you’d like to attend. 

A big thank you to the sponsors of this event – K2, CorasWorks, SQLSoft+, O’Reilly Publishing, WROX Publishing, and Microsoft.

Puget Sound SharePoint User Group – new Website

It’s always interesting when a website goes through a re-branding exercise, or a new launch.  You get to know a website by it’s look and feel, right?  I mean – the personality of a web site starts to come out with the look and feel, and then as you see a site change it’s content and you start to use it, you also get to know it.

Well, the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group web site has gone through a metamorphosis and has come out looking different.    Thanks to the great folks at Salient 6, there’s a new skin on the surface. 

Now, if we could just get the leadership there to keep the content fresh, things would really be going strong!

Oh – and there’s a meeting tomorrow (16 Apr 2009) night.  Be with us to hear from NewsGator and from OTB Solutions.

Ashley Roach
, NewsGator, “Delivering Enterprise Social Computing with SharePoint”

image OTB Solutions, “Enterprise Ready Applications on SharePoint with Little or No Custom Code”

Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group Meeting – Jan 2009

Tonight we’ve got a great meeting going on at the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group.  There are over 60 people in attendance tonight, and we ran out of pizza.  Bo had to order a second batch.  P1000870

Trying to figure out why, it could be because we’ve got a new guy who is creating the email invitations, (Greg Frick), or it’s because we have a beautiful actress, who is also a SharePoint maven, giving the first presentation today, or it is because everyone set a New Year’s Resolution to attend more local User Group meetings.  Being geeks, we have our suspicions, but without more evidence, we’re not exactly sure why.

Katherine Woolverton, of Corbis, is sharing some war stories about the history of the SharePoint implementation at Corbis.  She was laid off for about a minute, at one point, some years ago, until they realized how critical she was, as the only SharePoint administrator in the building.  Since that time, Corbis has grown their SharePoint site, is using it for more purposes, and her department is growing.  She now has a farm administrator who handles the back end of the farm.  Katherine commented that, “she is not allowed in the 12 Hive.” 

I think that the best user group presentations are when a user actually is showing and talking about their stuff.  Katherine did an incredible job. 

Francis Cheung and Chris Keyser, from the SharePoint Patterns and Practices Group at Microsoft, delivered the second half of the presentation.

There is a CodePlex project called “patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance,” where this documentation and guidance can be found.

Here is the MSDN site location for SharePoint Guidance, where more information about suggested Patterns and Practices can be found.

Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group SPRINT Event

We’ve got such a great group of folks that are part of the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group (PSSPUG).  Greg Frick, a SharePoint Trainer at SQLSoft+ in Bellevue, is a member, and has, with the help of about 5-6 other key members, organized an amazing day of SharePoint training and experience, scheduled for this Saturday.

There are about 40 people already registered, and we will have multiple SPRINT targets – some involving code and some “No-Code”.  In SPRINT form, we’ll be using SCRUM methodology and meet in the morning to plan the morning work and again after lunch to plan the afternoon effort.

Those who have selected the “No-Code” activities will be able to build a WSS farm or a MOSS farm and configure it with direction, or following a prepared setup and configuration guide.  A Sprint intranet “sprintranet” will be setup and each team will create wiki entries to document progress, best practices, and lessons learned.  This information will be pulled together after the SPRINT and compiled and posted on the PSSPUG web site.

Greg has lined up sponsors to help support the day, and has done an amazing job. 

See you at the SPRINT!

Sponsors of the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group SPRINT event include:








May 2008 PSSPUG Meeting

Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group

The next Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group meeting is scheduled for May 15th, 6:30PM – 8:30PM, in Bellevue, WA. Join us at 6PM for pizza and networking.

Topics include:

  • echoTechnology — Managing the SharePoint Environment and Dev/Test/Production Scenarios
  • Arpan Shah, Director of Technical Product Marketing for SharePoint, as he presents the "Top Ten Things You May Not Know About SharePoint"

Bring your ideas and join us for a fun evening of SharePoint! More details about the group and the meeting can be found at http://www.psspug.org.

Top Things About SharePoint That You May Not Have Known – Arpan Shah

On October 9th, we were able to host Arpan Shah, Director of Technical Product Marketing Management for SharePoint, and hosted a Live Meeting broadcast of a speech that he has been working on, titled "The Top Things About SharePoint That You May Not Have Known".  We broadcast this out to over 100 attendees, locally in Bellevue and Portland, and remotely on Live Meeting.  We recorded the session, but the audio did not get recorded.  The video is completely useless without the audio.

Needless to say, I’ve taken the audio engineers out back and had them summarily reprimanded and sentenced to a weekend of nothing but Halo 3.  (They apparently are people with extremely strong personalities and took their punishment without a whimper… curious…)

Anyway – I apologize for not having the broadcast of this session.  I have no doubt that Arpan will share this speech again soon and when it is recorded, I’ll post an update here with that recording.

Arpan’s slides are available for download here

SharePoint Governance – Joel Oleson

On September 27th, Joel Oleson, Sr. Technical Product Manager for SharePoint, visited the Microsoft PacWest district to share his thoughts on SharePoint governance with a few of our customers.

Joel has agreed to let us share the slides and the recording of this talk.

Download the slides from SkyDrive

View the recording via Live Meeting recording

The recording has about a minute at the beginning before the audio gets started. Be patient, or scan ahead just a bit. The slides and recording will probably not be accessible after 5-6 months from the date of this posting.

Speaker update for Sep 20 PSSPUG Meeting

Well, we had some confusion about dates with Todd Bleeker, so we’re going to bring Todd back on another date in the future, and the speaker for tomorrow, along with Arpan Shah, will be Chris Good and Eric Shaffer, from K2.  Todd was extremely gracious through this mistake on our part, and we’re glad that he was flexible about it.  We’ll see most of you, we hope, tomorrow night in Bellevue! 

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