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SharePoint dot Microsoft dot COM


Wow!  What an exciting day!  The SharePoint marketing team has launched their new web site and it is leveraging SharePoint!  While some people might complain about it being about 2 1/2 years late, this is actually a good and significant accomplishment!   Good stuff! 






The Mesh

Well, there have been a lot of blog posts in the area around Mesh, a technology recently released by Microsoft to leverage The Cloud.  I’m a big believer in The Cloud, and while Meshimage may not be the ultimate platform that wins the cloud, it certainly could be, and it looks to me like it’s got some great potential.  I’m a huge fan.

For a basic introduction to Mesh, see the First Look whitepaper that has been published.

To track the news about Mesh, use the Mesh-blog.

Mesh is a platform.  Currently, the first application to be released on Mesh is a file and folder sharing application.  This functionality has been delivered via other technologies (i.e. FolderShare and somewhat by Groove) before, so, in itself, file and folder sharing isn’t revolutionary. 

Oh, yeah, and it includes Remote Desktop.  That’s kind of cool, although, didn’t we already have that?  well, yeah, but this one is a little different in that it’s RDP-Meshified.

The development side of Mesh, and the vision that the team has described so far, makes it very useful to developers of the next great applications. 

Is this based on Groove?  No, it’s actually based on a derivative of Feed Sync, but it provides a platform for some, if not all, of what Groove provides today.

For some idea of what is coming, you have to watch Ori Amiga’s video showing some sample apps and try to follow his vision on this thing.  He sold me.

Because the beta system has a limited scope right now, the invitations to participate are already sold out.  Watch for more soon.  Sign up early and often.

VMRCplus 1.6 released

An updated version of VMRCplus has been released.  Version 1.6 can be downloaded here.  This is a tool for connecting to Virtual Server instances that has a bit more flexibility than the standard tool in the product.  More flexibility about screen sizing is the convenient part for me.  Try it out.

Matthijs ten Seldam is the developer to thank for this – it’s his project.  His blog with some additional information is here.

.NET Source Code To Be Released

Mr. Guthrie announced on his blog about the release of source code for the next version of the .NET Framework, v3.5.  This will be a great boon for programmers as it will allow for debugging of code just as other vendors do.  There was a bunch of comments from others about the fact that MSFT is releasing this under the Microsoft Reference License (MS-RL).

This is the comment that I liked…

So they encourage you to report things to them rather than distributing a patch yourself. So what? Trolltech does this, MySQL does this, Sun does this, Mozilla does this; in fact virtually every significantly-sized open source project encourages you to fix problems through their own channels rather than throwing a patch around yourself. It’s just good sense.

Add MSDN/TechNet Search to your IE7 Search Toolbar

In IE7, you’ve got the ability to customize teh search bar with different search providers.  Wouldn’t it be useful to have a search provider that searched within MSDN?

Go to http://search.msdn.microsoft.com/search/ and click on the link "Got IE7? – Get Our Search" to add The TechNet Search provider to IE7.