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BlueThread StoragePoint

BlueThread has recently announced version 2 of StoragePoint.  This product supports external storage in SharePoint, and BlueThread is talking about how StoragePoint can significantly reduce the SQL Server storage required for your SharePoint storage. 

As StoragePoint mvoes the SharePoint items into the external storage area, the items can also be compressed and/or encrypted.

Michael Gannotti has a series of video webcasts about SharePoint topics.  His latest covers BlueThread StoragePoint and may be useful to enterprises who have concerns about large amounts of storage within their SharePoint and SQL Server systems. 

In this video, Michael is joined by Rob D’Oria, of BlueThread, who walks us through an installation and configuration of StoragePoint.   Watch Michael’s video, "BackSeat Driving With Michael – BlueThread StoragePoint.” 

StoragePoint Website

Download a Trial Copy

I have heard that a number of customers are trying this out, and that almost as fast as customers hear about it, they are trying it out.  If you are a customer with a story to tell about BlueThread StoragePoint, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog about it!

SharePoint dot Microsoft dot COM


Wow!  What an exciting day!  The SharePoint marketing team has launched their new web site and it is leveraging SharePoint!  While some people might complain about it being about 2 1/2 years late, this is actually a good and significant accomplishment!   Good stuff! 






Visual Fusion 4.0

There are a number of great mapping solutions available these days, but I wanted to take a minute to highlight the SharePoint integration capabilities of VisualFusion 4.0 from IDV Solutions.

IDV Solutions has been building solutions on top of Virtual Earth and SharePoint for a few years now.  IDV Solutions’s SpatialWiki product, from last year, was one of the first mapping solutions to be available in Silverlight, and was also one that could use a SharePoint list as the data source for an ad hoc collection of mapped items – allowing for disparate teams to construct, review, and edit a list of mapped datapoints, while also allowing for SharePoint management and business process capabilities on the data.

Today, IDV Solutions is launching version 4.0 of VisualFusion.  Not only is this a very capable mapping solution using a Silverlight interface, but it also can be deployed (among other options) as a SharePoint web part, can utilize SharePoint list data, and can leverage the SharePoint Business Data Catalog. 

You can play with a demo of VisualFusion 4.0 here.


VisualFusion is available in a number of different scenarios.  Check out the version and package that is right for your company using the VisualFusion Comparison Matrix.

Office System Developers Conference Videos Available Online

This is great news.  The session recordings for the Microsoft Office System Developers Conference are online on MSDN.  Check the link to Erika Ehrli’s blog here.

Here’s the link to the MSDN site.
Microsoft Office System Developer Conference 2006

This is great stuff.  The conference was max’d out with attendance, and it was in a relatively small venue, and now it’s available to anyone.  Try to find some time to sleep.