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My Irish Heritage

In memory of today, I thought I’d look up my Irish heritage…  Here it is.  Thomas Eagar was the bloke who left home and traveled to the U.S., in the early 1800s.


Thomas Eagar (Son of Frances Eagar and Elizabeth Rice) – emigrated to the Unites States

B: 1 Jan 1792, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

D: 8 Jun 1840, Westchester, NY, US


Frances Eagar

B: about 1750, Ireland

D: about 1799, Ballyncourt Co, Kerry, Ireland

Married to

Elizabeth Rice

B: about 1735, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

D: Cuel, Kerry, Ireland


Frances Eagar

B: 27 Feb 1699, Brackloon, Mayo, Ireland

D: about 1772, Brackloon, Kerry, Ireland

Married to

Hanorica Hickson

B: 30 June 1704, Dingle Kerry, Ireland

D: about 1794, Ireland


Dominick Rice

B: about 1720, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

D: 1755

Married to

Mary Callis

B: about 1724, Taulaght, Kerry, Ireland


John Eagar

B: about 1667, Ballymalie, Kerry, Ireland

D: Killarnay Church Court, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Dorothea Jallis

B: about 1672

D: Ballymalis Co, Co Kerry, Ireland


Thomas Hickson

B: about 1679

                Married to


B: about 1682


Dominick Rice

B: about 1692, Dingle Co, Kerry, Ireland

D: before 1757

                Married to

Mary Rice

B: about 1698, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland


John Collis

B: about 1696, Of Kilgobben, Kerry, Ireland

D: 1727

                Married to

Elizabeth Cooke

B: about 1700, Of Castle Cooke, Cork, Ireland


John Eagar and Dorothea Jallis described above…


Alexander Eagar

B: about 1635, Kerry Co., Ireland

D: 1696, Ballymalis Castl, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Rose O’Toole

B: about 1639, Co. Limerick, Ireland

D: Ballymalis Co, Kerry, Ireland


Philip Tallis

B: about 1644, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Mary Coddington

B: about 1649, Holmpatrick, Dublin, Ireland


Robert Eagar

B: about 1604, Ireland

D: Queens Co., Leix, Ireland

                Married to


B: about 1610, England


Capt. O’Toole

B: about 1613, Limerick, Ireland


William Coddington

B: about 1607, Ireland

D: 2 Apr 1657, Co Wicklow, Ireland

                Married to

Thomasina Calton

B: about 1610, Holmpatrick, Dublin, Ireland


Mr. Coddington

B: about 1582, Home Patrick, Dublin, Ireland

                Married to

Mrs. Coddington

B: about 1586, Home Patrick, Dublin, Ireland


Mr. Calton

B: about 1585, Ireland

                Married to

Mrs. Calton

B: about 1585, Ireland


The Elizabeth Cooke line, above, comes out of Cork, Ireland…  I am running out of time, though… 

So – are we related?  🙂



Photos and data found via www.familysearch.org, compiled by uncounted others who have spent much more time on genealogy than I have.  My mother taught me all I know about genealogy.  I enjoy it, but don’t get to spend much time on it at present.

Portland Great Urban Race

My wife and I had an amazing experience last Saturday.  We ran as a team in the Great Urban Race, in Portland, Oregon.  This is a variant of The Amazing Race that is run within city downtown areas around the country, and where no private transportation is allowed.  Your own legs and public transportation are allowed.

It was so much fun.  Kris and I ran as one team, and we ran with Kris’ brother and his wife.   Teams are encouraged to wear matching outfits – or costumes!

Each team is provided a copy of the clues and at the start time, each team hits their mobile devices or phones a friend on the Internet to solve the clues.  Kris and I each had a phone-a-friend at home on the Internet helping us.  (Thanks, Ben and Greg!) 

Then, after finding the answers to the clues, we mapped them out and decided how to tackle visiting each location.  The thing is, you have to visit each of the locations and take a picture of your team at the location, doing something fun, usually.  After taking the pictures, you race back to the finish line.


This race is run in 19 cities during the summer, and the top 25 qualifiers from each city get invited to run in the championship race.  We had a fun time and finished #24!  Woo-Hoo! 



Next year, we’ll be back!  You can see all the photos on my Space…

Fred Claus – Thumbs Up

I went with the family to see the movie "Fred Claus" this afternoon.  Granted it was a school holiday, but the theatre was packed.  The movie was great.  Two thumbs up.  Way past my expectations.  This is not Knocked Up for Christmas or Wedding Crashers At the North Pole.  The movie was great.  Take a date or take the kids – or both.

Merry Christmas!

I’ve been Tagged – 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

My old friend, Stefan Gosner, has turned on me and tagged me.  Now I get to inflict the same kind of cyber-punishment on a few other folks…  Although, I wasn’t quick enough to beat Arpan – he got some of the folks that I was looking forward to tagging!

I’m afraid that I don’t have many secrets, so most of these items you’ll probably already know through even casual interaction with me.

  1. I’ve got 4 amazing kids and an incredible wife.
  2. I’m a movie buff.  If I think I’ll like a movie, I’m usually with one of my kids or another friend, watching it within the first week or two of release.  One of these days, I’ll start a movie review service and make millions.  In the last month, I saw The Nativity Story (thumbs up, buy it to show the kids as part of the annual Christmas videos each year); Pursuit of Happyness (good, but could wait for video to watch it, doesn’t require the theatre to enjoy it); Rocky Balboa (thumbs up, buy it to add to the library, great motivational lessons, and you do need to see it in the theatre at least once); Casino Royale (thumbs up – saw it three times, but rating it a see-twice movie); We Are Marshall (thumbs up – great flick, see-once, add to library).
  3. I don’t watch network television, but will Tivo (I’d say "I’ll MediaCenter-Record" a show, but it’s so much easier to just say "Tivo".  (I guess "Tivo" has been "Kleenexed".)) shows that I like.  Currently, I’m Tivo’ing only How I Met Your Mother and ‘Til Death.  I just bought the first 4 seasons of 24 and having a blast with them – again.
  4. I played the Saxophone in High School, and played in a Jazz Band for 3 years.  I would switch between all 4 models of saxophone, and have solo’d with the Alto, Baritone, and Soprano Saxophone.  I haven’t touched a horn since then, and keep hoping that someday I’ll be able to play again.  (except for the rhythm problem that I mentioned above…J )
  5. I love to take the family camping, and look forward to someday renting an RV for a month (or two) and driving backroads across North America.  In the meantime, we travel by plane (how boring, right?)

OK, now comes the fun part when I get to spread the tagging love…  Welcome to the club, Jason Mauer, Mark Michaelis, Scott Stout, Rus Berrett, and Kirk Haselden, you’ve been tagged!

Surprised for Christmas

Wowza. I still can’t believe it. Kris heard about a friend that was in need of parting with a car, and she had heard me coveting for a while about it. Either in the spirit of Christmas, or to help me break the habit of coveting my friends’ cars, she bought me a 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster. Wow. I can’t believe it. Thanks, Kris! (And Santa!)

The funny part is that when she told me to put my shoes on and come outside after we had finished with the presents under the tree, I thought she was going to have me carry in some furniture or something (she’s a CraigsList fiend)…

Winter Storm Damage

Here’s a catch-up post in regards to the winter storm that blew through our area on the night of December 14th.

My family lives in the Sammamish area, East of Seattle, and it’s a fairly wooded area.  When the trees fall over, or get knocked down, they get spiteful, and take things down with them.  If you heard about electric power being knocked out to a lot of folks in the Seattle area because of this storm, here are a couple of photos of neighborhood streets that will help explain what happened.

The power was out at our home for 3+ days, but some other folks went 8-9 days, unfortunately.  For Christmas, everyone was back up.  It was fun to walk and drive around in the days afterwards with the kids and watch the Puget Sound Energy trucks loping from one pole to the next, stringing new cables and taking down damaged lines.  Everyone was safe in our home, but 7 folks in the metro area died of carbon monoxide poisoning because they brought barbecue grills or other heating devices indoors.

Sydney Trip – Day 1

The trip started off with a delayed flight from Seattle to Los Angeles and a rush to make the connecting flight to Sydney.  Qantas was the airline, and they did a good job with the looonnggg flight across the Pacific.  As we were about to land, we could still smile, even if our eyes were still a bit sleepy.

After making it through customs and learning that our bags weren’t quite as dexterous as we were in making our connecting flight in L.A. (they apparently wanted to stay the extra day in Los Angeles – maybe they went to Disneyland?), we went to the hotel and took care of the 1 minute of paperwork needed to get a room key and check in.  The Westin hotel in Sydney looks fabulous!

Hopefully, our bags will arrive tomorrow…  (we’ll keep you posted.)

In the afternoon, we took a guided bus tour of Sydney.  One of the stops was to take photos of the harbor.  Here’s one…

Another stop was at Bondi beach.  You can’t see the beach in this photo, but you can see the "heads" of land that jut out into the water.

Also at Bondi beach, we ran across this bird.  I’d never seen one, so we asked one of the local folks that was there with his family, and he said this bird was called an Ibis.  He then said that this was a common, typical bird.  This being the first time that I’d ever seen one like this, I thought to myself, "Yeah, and what country are you from?", but before I could verbalize this thought, I answered my own question…  err, he was from a different country.  I’m glad that he didn’t mind another question from a tourist this afternoon.

Kris and I had dinner at the Sydney Opera House and took a tour of the building.   We were able to hear the sound in the concert hall, as a symphony was practicing during the tour.  Great stuff.  It looks a bit different in the dark.

Except for the luggage, it was a pretty long and amazing day.  Until tomorrow…

Marathon Race

I spent the morning today running tech support for Kris (the wife) who was running her first marathon today.  She ran with Dean Karnazes and the 14th (Bellevue) race of Dean’s Endurance 50 event.

The weather was perfect and Kris finished with Dean in 4:07.  What an amazing day.  I took the kids out to cheer her on along the course and at the finish line.  Kris has been working towards this for a long time.  Way to go!