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NW Connected Systems User Group

Announcing…  the inaugural meeting of the Northwest Connected Systems User Group will be held on November 15th.  Yes, that’s next week.  If you are interested in seeing Scott Woodgate’s travel slides from his trip to the Southern and Eastern Hemisphere, with a bit of BizTalk Server 2006 sprinkled in, please attend.  This is for any computer professionals (or students? – Sure!, what the heck.) who are interested in the following Microsoft technologies and/or products. 

Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Framework (formerly known as Indigo),
Visual Studio, SQL Server, Host Integration Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server

Travel expenses will not be reimbursed, unfortunately…  (this is low budget).

NW Connected Systems Inaugural Meeting

Date:   Tuesday November 15th, 2005
Time:  6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Place:  Microsoft Redmond CampusBuilding: 35, Room: Kalalach
Cost:   Free


6:00 – 6:30:     Mixer. Members can chat informally amongst themselves, beginners can ask questions. This is the time for food and refreshments.

6:30 – 6:45:      Welcome and announcements. Talk about upcoming meetings. Highlight any major new developments that members may not be aware of.

6:45 – 7:15:     Meeting Part 1 (Product Awareness, Functionality, Tips/Tricks)

7:15 – 7:30:      Break, peer networking (if necessary)

7:30 – 8:45:      Meeting Part 2 (Formal Presentation, Q & A)

8:45 – 9:00:     Closing Thoughts


Meeting Part 1: NW Connected Systems User Group Introduction
Since this is inaugural meeting for the user group, we would like to spend some time discussing the purpose of the user group, the schedule of events for the next few months, meeting logistics, and how you user group participants can contribute.

Meeting Part 2: Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 – An Overview
Microsoft BizTalk Server is an enterprise-level software offering that facilitates integration and automation of key systems with a business’ enterprise.  This presentation will introduce the BizTalk 2006 product, providing an overview of its many features, and detail how it fits within an organization’s existing architectural landscape.  This presentation will also touch on Microsoft’s Integration Technologies and what technologies to use when.


TechEd 2005 Sessions and Slides

Even while sitting at Gnomedex, (on a Saturday), I have to keep up with my day job.  This looks like a great way to view the slides and watch the sessions from Tech-Ed 2005 a month ago.  http://microsoft.sitestream.com/teched2005/  

Tech-Ed Sweetness…  (Find the BizTalk Stuff in the “Connected Systems” track)…

Update: This site now requires a password – so it is now for attendees only.  (Which I wasn’t this year…  Shucks).

MSFT RSS-Enabled KB Announcements

Microsoft is now publishing RSS Feeds for recently published KB articles for each of its products.  See the complete list here.

Some of the more important and significant products that you might want to take note of…


Commerce Server at Tech Ed 2005

If you are going to Tech Ed 2005 this year (mmm… can I really attend Tech Ed 2005 any other year?) and if you are interested in Microsoft Commerce Server, you will have a treat ahead of you.  Some great sessions are planned and the wraps are coming off of the next version of Commerce Server. 

Tech-Ed 2005 Home Page

Breakout Sessions:

CSI231 – Commerce Server 2006 and Beyond: In-Depth Look (Ryan Donovan)

CSI 332 – Connected Commerce: ERP and Trading Partner Integration with CS2006 and BizTalk Server 2006 (Caesar Samsi)

CSI302 – Securely and Reliably Deploying Connected Commerce Infrastructure  (Max Akbar)

Hands-on Labs:

CSI05  Commerce Server 2006: Merchandizing and Marketing

CSI06  Commerce Server 2006: People and Process

CSI07  Commerce Server 2006: Connected Commerce

CSI08  Commerce Server 2006: Customization and Extensibility

CSI12  Commerce Server 2006: Upgrading to Commerce Server 2006

Partner Cabana Sessions:

Next Generation e-Commerce framework combining Commerce Server, BizTalk Server & MBS into one powerful e-commerce platform (Jean-Yves Martineau, Cactus)

Smart Catalog for Commerce Server (Richard Vosylius, Endeavor Commerce)

Alternate Interfaces for Commerce Server (Daniel Sanscartier, Nurun inc.)




MSFT Training in the Northwest

I received the latest training calendar from NetDesk in the mail today… 
The best classes on their schedule are the following…

  • BizTalk Server 2004 (course 2157)  April 4-8, 2005
  • Commerce Server 2002 (course 2729)  March 21-24, 2005
  • Content Management Server 2002 (course 2730)  May 2-5

<equal time>  Any training vendors or independent trainers that have similar course targeted towards the Pacific Northwest states, please let me know, and I will post accordingly.</equal time>

<subliminal>get trained… get trained…</subliminal>

Strong E-Commerce Season

Wired has a report about an increase in online shopping this season.

In the first six weeks of the holiday season (spanning November and December), online purchases reached $16.7B, up 28 percent from last year. (Yes, that’s a “B”, as in “Billion”)

Patick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, where sales are on track to exceed expectations (did they just say that sales were expected to exceed expectations?  Can you say that?  Is that correct grammar?), said, “The season is probably a disappointment for retailers in general, but it will be very healthy for internet commerce.”

This whole online commerce thing is just a fad, right?  However, if you are a trendy type of company that wants to take advantage of this “fad”, let me tell you that Microsoft has a package to enable you to do this!  You’d never guess it from the name…  MS Commerce Server…  When you’re ready to jump on the online bandwagon, give us a shout!

Merry Christmas and Holiday Shopping Season!


I’m starting to learn more about the RFID initiatives that industry is facing.  This has impacts on my customers that use MS Commerce Server and MS BizTalk Server.  If any of you have links or resources that you feel I should include in my research, please feel free to share them with me.

I’m starting with these links…  Debunking 10 Myths of RFID, RFID Whitepaper.  (I have a feeling that the holidays are going to wreak havoc on my research, however…)  …My vacation has started.  I’ll be back again after the New Year.

Merry Christmas, and to all, a Good Night.

The Commerce Server Godfather

The Godfather of Microsoft Commerce Server has started his next non-commercial venture – a blog.  Ryan Donovan, the Group Program Manager for Commerce Server, is now writing for the world.  As 2005 rolls around and we all prepare for the upcoming launch cycle of the next version of Commerce Server, it will be great to have Ryan sharing some of his experiences. 

Commerce Server 2006 Overview

A brief Overview of Commerce Server 2006 has been published on microsoft.com.  The most significant thing behind this article is that (hopefully) it will put to bed the exaggerated rumors of the demise of Commerce Server as a product.  Yes, I know it has been a long time in between updates, but not as long as SQL Server, right?  🙂  There is a lot of business that still needs to be transacted over the web, and all of those amazing SOA BizTalk-powered applications need a flexible and scalable front-end. 

Read the list of features included here.

Download Commerce Server 2002 FP1 to get an idea of the new management interface for Commerce Server.

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