The Demo Showcase Suite

Are you aware of the Demo Showcase Suite? This is a Microsoft Partner Network website where partners can host click-through demos of their products and solutions. This website launched at the Worldwide Partner Conference last month, and now it’s time… Read More ›

The MatterSpace® ELM Road Show

MatterSpace has an e-Discovery product that they’ve built on top of SharePoint Server.  I’d recommend registering for this roadshow – even if it’s just to learn about e-Discovery approaches to SharePoint.  Perhaps this product will fill a need within your… Read More ›

BlueThread StoragePoint

BlueThread has recently announced version 2 of StoragePoint.  This product supports external storage in SharePoint, and BlueThread is talking about how StoragePoint can significantly reduce the SQL Server storage required for your SharePoint storage.  As StoragePoint mvoes the SharePoint items… Read More ›