ASP.NET Exposed

Brian Goldfarb mentions the ASP.NET Exposed roadshow that’s traveling around the country…  Looks like a good opportunity to spread the .Net wisdom within your organization.  Sign up today!


Stefan is online and blogging.   (Thanks for the heads-up, Arpan)  This is great news for anyone associated with MCMS.  Stefan is a legend in the world MCMS. (Can I say that?   Has MCMS been around long enough to *have* a… Read More ›

MS CMS Standard Edition

A couple of news stories have surfaced about a Standard Edition of Microsoft Content Management Server.  Here’s one story at CNet.  Microsoft will be making an official announcement soon, I expect.  One part to note is that the article says,… Read More ›

Pocket PC

Uh, Hello…  My name is Owen, and I’m an addict…  a gadget addict, that is. I guess the tablet will be on hold for a while…  Just traded in my Dell Axim for a Hitachi G1000…  Wow.  A little larger… Read More ›