SharePint at WPC12

One of my favorite weeks of the year is coming up – the Microsoft WorldWide Partner Conference.  One of the best meet-ups of the week has always been the SharePint event.  This year should be no exception. This year, the… Read More ›

This is too important of a list of PR principles to not make a note of. I’m placing a copy on my blog so I’ll have it when I need it. I’m sure that I’ll need it someday. Just because… Read More ›

Online Account Security

As we all use many, many online accounts, I’d like to present a public service message.  Read Omar Shahine’s post titled “Protect your Live ID now” and apply these principles to secure your online identity wherever you might have them,… Read More ›

Six Weeks In

It’s funny to see what has happened with SharePoint Directions after six weeks.   I feel like I’m still running as fast as I did at Microsoft, except that I’m doing projects and having conversations on my own terms –… Read More ›

Seizing the White Space

Seizing the white space I’m reading the book, “Seizing the White Space: Business Model Innovation for Growth and Renewal,” by Mark W. Johnson. Chapter 2 opens with an example from “An Actor Prepares,” by Konstantin Stanislavsky, which describes an actor… Read More ›