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Cloud Hybrid Search Preview

If you are using SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises in conjunction with Office 365 and SharePoint Online, then you probably have started to tire of having a search center for your on-premises content and a separate search center for your cloud-based content.

At Microsoft Ignite (Chicago, May 2015), it was announced that a Hybrid Search Application would be shipped that would build content search indexes for your on-premises data and ship them up to SharePoint Online so that you could rely on the one search center in SharePoint Online to be the search center source of truth for all of your content.


This was released a couple of months ago, in two ways. You can find it in the cumulative updates for SharePoint Server 2013 starting in September 2015, or in the Preview release of SharePoint Server 2016.

Download link for SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2

Start link for Cloud hybrid search capability in SharePoint Server 2013

If you are running SharePoint 2010 search today, there were a few SharePoint 2010 search features that were replaced with different features in SharePoint 2013 search and others that may have been modified for SharePoint Online search. Please check the documentation in the Cloud hybrid search download for the list of unsupported search features.

Support for SharePoint 2010 and Stefan

Two things to cover off in this blog entry.

Stefan Goßner is one the the Few and the Proud when it comes to worldwide SharePoint support.  His blog is the public entrypoint into his wisdom and experience regarding SharePoint.  (He works for Microsoft as a SharePoint Support Engineer in Germany). Please add his blog to your newsreader (or flipboard, if you are a millenial?) Stefan can be found online here:

Second, let’s finish the work with SharePoint Server 2010 byt quoting from his blog.  Still on SharePoint 2010? (extended edition).

Today is October 14th, 2015 which means that Mainstream support for SharePoint 2010 is over. SharePoint 2010 is now in extended support.

What does this mean for you as customer if you are still using SharePoint 2010?

  • We recommend to upgrade to SharePoint 2013.
  • Only security related hotfixes will be created for SharePoint 2010. Any other problems in our product will not be fixed (except for customers who purchased xtended Hotfix Support through Premier Support).
  • Support cases which are caused by problems in our product will no longer be free of charge.
  • You will still get paid-support (including pay-per-incident Premier and Essential Support) through Microsoft Customer Support Services.
  • You can still get product-specific information using the online Microsoft Knowledge Base or Support site at Microsoft Help and Support to find answers to technical questions

For more details see our Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ:

OK, now that we have that out of the way, back to our regularly scheduled programming.