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Speaking at the Collab365 Global Conference

gc17_dotspeaker_vrtclI’m getting this announcement out kind of late, but I’d like to invite you to attend my session at the Collab365 Global Conference on the evening of November 1, 2017.

The Collab365 Global Conference is a 24-hour virtual conference focused on Office 365 and related technologies. It kicks off at 1:00PM US-PT, and there are multiple sessions each hour.

I’ve recorded a session title Organizational Change Management with Office 365 and it will be broadcast as part of hour seven, at 7:00PM US-PT. Please register to attend the conference and then join my session at 7:00PM. I’ll be attending for a live Q&A session following the broadcast of the session.

Organizational Change Management for companies that are working with Office 365 is a great challenge for me, and one that I am enjoying quite a bit. If you are faced with driving change across your organization and would like to talk with me, please reach out.

You can track my session using the hash tag 


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Chevron – A Refinery for Digital Transformation based on Azure IoT and Analytics

chevron-LogoChevron announced this week that they were committing to a Microsoft Azure platform for the consolidation, processing, and refinement of IoT data and Analytics across and through their organization.


This sounds like most other press releases, but the organizational change impacts that this announcement mentions and implies caught my attention.

About five years ago, I had the opportunity to help drive some change within Chevron as a consultant and I learned a little bit about the organization. I remember being extremely impressed at the way they think about systems and how training for every role – users and administrators and equipment operators, etc. – was ingrained into the company. Chevron also had a mindset at that time to work harder to stay abreast of technology.

In the press release (link below), operational groups such as, “supporting infrastructure …advanced technologies, … optimize exploration, reservoir management, production operations, midstream logistics and marketing operations.” Mentioning these in a press release indicates that they have already gone beyond simply committing to the purchase of a block of Azure compute and storage and are already planning on how value from this technology will be realized.

A large organization like Chevron has some tremendous pipelines to fill to get advanced technology like Azure IoT and Analytics to reach across the organization. Chevron has the infrastructure and the technology and the people processes in place to take advantage of today’s technology. It is encouraging to see the groundwork for successful organizational change is already being built.

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