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  • Back in the Saddle

    Has it really been a month?  Honest, I wasn’t lost in the park for the entire month.  A lot has been going on with the new version of BizTalk Server 2004 (Beta) and continuing with Content Management Server 2002.  Had… Read More ›

  • What the… is Capitol Reef Park?

    I’m taking a couple of vacations days this month — where “vacation” is loosely translated to only working a few hours each night after the family goes down instead of all day…  — and today finds us at Capitol Reef… Read More ›


    Service Pack 1 for MS CMS 2002 has been released to the web, and is available for download. This is a big service pack …. Over 350 bug fixes around 40 QFEs rolled up (and every QFE scrubbed) Windows 2003… Read More ›

  • Standard Edition of MS CMS

    I have not heard any internal announcements about the available date of the Standard Edition of MS CMS (Content Management Server) 2002, and I do not think that pricing has been fixed yet, but here is a Computerworld story about… Read More ›

  • Gasp! – Switching from Linux *to* Windows?

    Who ever heard of such a thing?  Is Netcraft reading it’s results table backwards??? Check out a recent Netcraft report showing that 8,000 web sites have recently switched from being hosted on Linux to being hosted on Windows 2003.

  • CMS Workflow…

    …Finally…   Choices are good.   There is now a workflow model and samples available for MS CMS 2002.  There are also good partner solutions – (the solutions that I’m familiar with include those from TeamPlate and Sourcedode Technologies)…    Life will change… Read More ›

  • MGB Day One

    Yesterday was Day One of the Annual MS Global Briefing – targeted towards Field Sales and Consulting personnel.  It was my first time to attend a MGB, and I was impressed.  The only time that I had seen Steve Ballmer… Read More ›

  • MSFT and blogs (Scoble-d)

    Scoble describes why employee blogging is a big deal at Microsoft.  I’m still not sure what to do with mine, but I think it is important that this issue is respected.

  • Job Function at Microsoft

    I’ve been asked by a couple of people to describe my job function at Microsoft.Fair question. I’m an E-Business Product Technology Specialist for Microsoft, in the Sales group, primarily involved in Technical Pre-Sales opportunities.  I specialize in the E-Business Server… Read More ›

  • Who is Owen Allen

    Hi.  Nice to meet you.  My name is Owen Allen, and I’ve got a great and wonderful family.  A beautiful wife, and four completely different and challenging and fun kids.  We are enjoying Summer vacation right now, and the kids… Read More ›