First Half 2021 Catchup and Transition into BlueVoyant

I was reminded today about how I haven’t been current with my blog and how much I enjoy sharing information, ideas, findings, and perspectives here on this site.

A lot has happened since my last post in Nov 2020. First of all, I made the jump from Zones to BlueVoyant. I really enjoyed my customers and peers and working team at Zones, and felt like we were doing some good. Really sorry to have to leave that post. I think the pandemic caused some changes in how customers purchased and Zones was doing an admirable job in adjusting to those changes.

The changes brought by the pandemic, though, reinforced to me how distributed employees, customers, providers, and basically every building block of our economy, really had become. Everyone was more evenly distributed. The democratization of the economy had finally happened. Every component of the economy – producers and consumers alike were now separated by only a single connection point – the internet.

OK, I know this isn’t a life changing revelation, but it does inform my next move, which was to join BlueVoyant, a managed security services provider out of NYC and DC, as a product manager, helping to define the next generation of security services.

I’ve loved the time I’ve spent here so far, and look forward to being able to develop and ship additional security services to help our customers.

This blog won’t be all about security, but I have never been good about separating my content between work and personal, so you’ll see how the M365 Toolman will start to get more security focused as time goes on.

Perhaps there will still be the occasional Microsoft Viva on Teams post, too. It’s nice to be back.

So this is what a courtroom looks like.

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