Document Management is still Most Important Tool (as of 2019)

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An Interesting article from David Roe, published on CMSWire this week, caught my attention and starting the wheels turning.

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CMSWire carries out a great survey every year title the State of the Digital Workplace, and in the 2019 State of the Digital Workplace report, according to David, Document Management was the most important tool in customer’s digital toolbox in 2019.

The interesting followup is that only 12% it was working well.

More then 80% of customers who feel that document management is one of their most important tools appear to feel frustrated by how it is working.  This could be due to a lack of the implementation keeping up with the needs of the business in 2019, or it could be that the original implementation was simply lacking.

How many more years will it be before other tools become more important than Document Management? and which tool or tools may be the most important at that time? Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Microservices are three that David calls out in his article.

I’m not sure how those tools really surpass Document Management, as document management seems to be an application or a solution to users, I think, while AI, ML, and Microservices come across as platforms on which solutions are built.

I do think, however, that solutions for document management that leverage AI and ML, and that are powered by a distributed network of services built on a microservices platform will begin to show up in document management systems soon.

Whether or not customers see those solutions as being built on the listed components or whether they still see the solutions as document management solutions remains to be seen.

One of the other interesting points in the 2019 State of the Digital Workplace Report is that almost 50% of customers feel that their work towards a Digital Workplace is still in its early stages. I see this as meaning that there is much opportunity to get in there and explain how a digital workplace should look and feel and perform, that consultants should not hesitate to ask about a customers plans for their digital workplace.

I recommend downloading the report, and following David Roe and CMSWire. 🙂 …until we meet again.

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