Chredge is here

I just tried Microsoft Edge built on Chrome and, so far, it is marvelous.

I listened to a Windows Weekly episode this morning that was a week old.

These orders are seven bloody hours old!

It was Windows Weekly episode 614. I fully enjoyed the first half (then I arrived at the office), and it was mostly about Chredge. (“It was so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.”)

Tonight, I went to the Microsoft Edge Insider site, downloaded the test build for the Windows Edge built on Chromium, or “Chredge”, build, and installed it on my Windows 10 box.

It installed flawlessly, imported my Chrome settings, for my primary Chrome account, and allowed me to create user profiles, like I’ve been using for too long on Chrome. (Queue the Hallelujah Chorus!)

My constant pleadings to the browser buddhas have been answered. User profiles in Chredge.

I think that – for a moment – I felt just as Riley must have felt when he observed “Stairs” in ‘National Treasure’.

Please download and enjoy the goodness. I’m going back now to test extensions. (Mary Jo told me that they are working!) (OK, so she didn’t tell only me, but she mentioned that in the WIndows Weekly podcast episode I linked to above.)

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  1. The big question: how does the new Edge compare to Chrome as a memory-eating beast?


  2. Hard to tell. It’s not in final production mode, and MSFT has cut out about 40 pieces of functionality that must have been guilty of conuming at least some memory. Chredge feels just as quick, if not quicker.
    Had absolutely zero problems (except adding the first extension in each profile required an extra step) all day. I’m a fan.


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