Important Configuration Setting for Teams Guest Access

This is kind of a Public-Service Announcement. The setting to enable invited guest users to your Microsoft Teams installation can be a little difficult to find.

Have you invited guest users to Teams, only to see them complain that the login scenario can’t be finished, or they aren’t actually getting into the new goodness that is Microsoft Teams?

This can be a problem. There is an important setting that I’m finding many O365 administrators have passed by too quickly. I think I’ve helped six or seven site admins with this since yesterday afternoon, and that screamed PSA at me. Now, you can point your site admin friends to this blog article.

The tenant doing the inviting, needs to have the Teams setting for Guest Users enabled, or the invites can be sent out, and the user account gets created in active directory, but the guest user can’t actually switch completely into the new Teams environment.

From the Admin Panel, select Settings —> Services & add-ins, then select “Microsoft Teams”

The important setting is visible by default and it looks very good, doesn’t it.


The slider is turned to “On”, and you would not be faulted — at all — for thinking to yourself, “Hey, the setting is already there and activated!” – and you might click on through very quickly.

But, then you would come back later that day after your invited guests kept complaining about not getting in…

it is only then, that you would realize that the words “Business & Enterprise” is actually a drop-down button,


and you need to select the drop down, select “Guest”, and turn on the slider at that point.


OK, that is all. Good luck, and enjoy guest user access for Teams.



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