An Argument for Teams to Succeed Skype for Business

Kevin Kieller (@KKieller) writes an interesting article where he lays out his argument for Microsoft Teams to succeed / replace Skype for Business. I think he’s right. I recommend this article to you, on the blog.

Why Teams Is the Future of Skype for Business

Some of his points include:

  • The similarity of the Mac client for Skype for Business user interface to the Teams user interface.
  • Skype for Business has not added or incorporated anything along the lines of persistent chat, even though the technology is certainly available. (I think this exclusion of functionality is certainly to avoid confusion and enable the more rapid conversion of users to Microsoft Teams)
  • Many of the session titles at the upcoming Microsoft Ignite conference combine Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams in their titles.

I’ll leave his other reasons for you to discover. Kevin’s blog article is a good one.

If you aren’t already starting to experiment with Microsoft Teams within your organization, give me a call, and let’s talk about the reasons why.

In many of my client conversations, most of the early rational about delaying work with Microsoft Teams has been overcome as Microsoft has released new functionality for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups.


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