External Access for Teams Delayed

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The most anticipated event of June has been postponed.

In a Teams Uservoice feature update, Microsoft has said that the shipping of external guest access for Teams, “will be just a tad bit longer (not too long).”

Let’s hope that it is only a couple of weeks, as Mary Jo Foley suggests in her article on ZDNet.

At this point, I don’t think that Microsoft is holding this feature – waiting for a marketing moment event such as Microsoft Inspire, but is more interested in getting it right.

I don’t think there is a bigger feature release this summer for Office 365 than external user guest access for Microsoft Teams. I’m a fan of Microsoft Teams, but Office 365 can no longer operate within it’s own walls – now that Microsoft has support for DLP, E-Discovery, and other compliance features in Office 365, with OneDrive synch humming again, the time is right for Office 365 to shed its skin and allow companies using Office 365 to reach outwards for collaboration with partners and customers of all types. This is gonna be huge.

A delay on shipping, though, to get things right the first time, is a good thing. I hope that Microsoft does get it right when they ship external user support. Watch this space!

While waiting, give this a listen. I think that Billy Joel had the right idea with “Get It Right the First Time”.


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