What goes around, comes around.

the-road2016 was a fun and interesting and painful and excruciating and difficult and rewarding and peaceful and disruptful year. It had a little bit of everything, …which turns out to be often how I feel about every previous year on every Jan 4th.
Lots of goals for the year to come, lots of ideas about where things could have gone better, and lots of sketches of projects that are still midflight.
I’m typing this on my new standing desk, I went to the gym yesterday, I’m on my ketogenic diet again today, and the family seems to be mostly happy and healthy, so it looks like 2017 is off to a good start.
I’m also writing a blog post. – one of those things that did not happen during the entirety of 2016. Strange, isn’t it. I started blogging in 2003 (https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oallen/2003/), and I don’t think I missed an entire year since then, although my blog has gotten a little spindly from time to time as I’ve experimented with different platforms. Until 2016. My platforms of choice for 2016 were Facebook and Twitter, it seems.
I’m going to give the blog another go in 2017, though. Facebook, LinkedIn, the owen-allen.com blog, and a Office 365 Technology site that I’m working on and hope to unwrap soon.
During the day, I continue to be helping Satya and Jeff spread the word about the productivity benefits of SharePoint and Office365 in my little corner of the world.
Always happy to talk or chat. Contact me anytime.

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  1. I’m assuming you mean the “other” Jeff … aka The Father of SharePoint … Jeff Teper.

    I look forward to your continued musings on your blog.

    PS — Check out Medium. MSFT should buy them and replace the one in LinkedIn.


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