Mid-Year 2015

It seems kind of silly that I’m opening two blog entries in a row with the comment that I haven’t blogged much about my recent job change… but that is the way it is.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been hired back with Microsoft as a Technology Specialist (Sales Engineer) in the Pacific Northwest. I am assigned to about 50 of Microsoft’s strategic customers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and charged with helping them understand and apply Microsoft technologies to their business operations. This means working closely with their IT Departments to plan for the adoption of new technologies as well as working with business units to understand how new technology capabilities can be applied to new and emerging market opportunities.

With the increased rate of feature development and release with Office 365, this means frequent and regular conversations and strategy meetings with our customers. And lots of training. So, I’ve been busy.

I will be maintaining two blogs – this one (owen-allen.com) will be my personal thoughts and observations, and a new blog (O365talk.com) will include my curated list of interviews, product updates, and thoughts about technologies found within and related to Office 365. I expect that O365Talk.com will have multiple authors. – If you would like to participate, please let me know!

I’ve been back at Microsoft since September 2014, and have now reached 9 years of employment with Microsoft. In between these two stints, I spent 4 years working with a great set of customers and clients, as an advisor, a consultant, a contract employee, and as a full-time employee. Each one has been a good memory and has enriched my experience. Thank you to all who I have crossed paths with.

WPC 2015 is kicking off this weekend, and this is the first year I am not attending after having attended the past six years. Microsoft Partners are a tremendous group, and I will admit there is a twinge of loss at not attending WPC this year. However, with my focus being on helping my (I consider them to be mine Smile) customers leverage the technologies that Microsoft is placing into the cloud, partners still have an important and significant role.  It is a pleasure to work with Software companies, Consulting companies, and bright individuals of all skillsets and experience, as we work together to help Microsoft customers deploy amazing applications and employee and customer services of their own.

See you online!

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