This is too important of a list of PR principles to not make a note of. I’m placing a copy on my blog so I’ll have it when I need it. I’m sure that I’ll need it someday. Just because I’ve lived a perfect life so far (Ha! Ha!) doesn’t mean a crisis isn’t around the corner. Thanks, @ericatoelle, for the hat tip to this article.

Just Alyssa

I miss PR. I was good at it. Hell, there was a time when both Fast Company and PR News declared me one of the best. Not because I liked working a billion hours a week, which is what it would have taken to rise to the top of my profession, but because I have some weird instinctual ability to know how people want a story told to them. I particularly love Crisis PR. That’s some fun stuff. It’s the greatest challenge, but can also have the greatest rewards. In the short-attention-span, high-adrenaline way that I like to live, that’s the juice.

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