Six Weeks In

It’s funny to see what has happened with SharePoint Directions after six weeks.   I feel like I’m still running as fast as I did at Microsoft, except that I’m doing projects and having conversations on my own terms – and feeling complete freedom and responsibility about them.  It’s turning out very well.  I’m grateful for all of you who are on my “Virtual Board of Advisors”, and those ISVs that provide great feedback and support.

The whole speaking thing is starting to take off.  I spoke at all three of the West Coast SharePoint Saturday events in September (SPS East Bay, SPS LA, SPS Vancouver), and last week at the SharePoint Palooza event in Seattle.  (That event deserves a separate post.)  I am writing this while on the way home from SPTechCon Boston 2010 and while I didn’t speak at this event, I was able to get a lot of work done, and am looking forward to speaking at SPTechCon San Francisco 2011.

The best session at SPTechCon that I participated in was Paul Stubbs’ session about Developer Patterns for Sandbox Development in SharePoint 2010.   The secret is Full Trust Proxies.  It’s too bad that BPOS won’t be supporting Full Trust proxies for a bunch of years to come, if ever.  By the time BPOS decides to support Full Trust Proxy, there will be a new approach to providing this capability.  But for now, if you are an ISV and would like to write for the SharePoint 2010 Sandbox, (and that is ALL of you!) remember this code:  “Blue Horseshoe LOVES Full Trust Proxies!”


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