A Month of (SharePoint) Saturdays

The SharePoint Saturday phenomenon continues to amaze me.  Tomorrow morning (today, actually, a SharePoint Saturday will be held in the Oakland/East Bay region, all because two community members decided that they wanted to bring a SharePoint Saturday to this location.  They found the space to hold the sessions, they secured speakers and invited companies to sponsor the event, and they are offering the event free to the local community.  Anyone can attend. It’s like a mini-SharePoint Conference.

These have been going on for over 12-18 months now, and have been received with more and more success.  There certainly is a need within the local communities to provide more SharePoint instruction and stories – SharePoint Saturdays are addressing part of that thirst.  You can see the schedule of past SharePoint Saturdays and upcoming events on the website at SharePointSaturday.org.

In an effort to try to follow my own advice and be active in the SharePoint community as a business development exercise, I’m participating in three SharePoint Saturdays this month. — All on the West Coast.

I can’t wait.  This is going to be an opportunity to tell the story about SharePoint that I’ve been anxious to tell.  I’m an evangelist (but that doesn’t pay the bills for me yet), and I’ve been selling products as a vendor representative for the past 14 years.  I’m actually curious to see how different, if at all, my speeches end up being from the company line that I’ve been delivering for the past decade+.  Maybe they won’t be at all – but maybe they will.

Come join me on Saturday!  See you there.

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