Seizing the White Space

Seizing the white space

I’m reading the book, “Seizing the White Space: Business Model Innovation for Growth and Renewal,” by Mark W. Johnson.

Chapter 2 opens with an example from “An Actor Prepares,” by Konstantin Stanislavsky, which describes an actor who can’t get motivated appropriately for a scene. The actor and the director know what needs to happen, but the actor can’t find the right character preparation to play the scene. It requires him to be frightened of something off the set, and to jump under a table. The director instructs the actor to go through the motions of jumping under then table, and when he does, the actor finds that he then can feel the fear that he was trying to generate.
“sometimes you feel afraid and you dive under the table, the master conceded, but sometimes, if you dive under the table, you will feel afraid. Stanislavsky’s great contribution to Western art was to propose that while creative inspiration often leads to structure, just as often, structure unlocks creativity.”

I am an extremely successful procrastinator. I try all sorts of methods to shake myself out of a rut, to stop being distracted by the shiny and the new, at the expense of my current projects, but it is difficult. — often because I am at the place where the actor was — unable to generate the creative blast that I felt was needed to see into the project and to provide the desired thrust.

This quote shook me up a little bit and perhaps I can take away from it that by diving into the project, I can trust that the creativity will follow. This may seem like a simple concept to many, but to me, it might be more important. We will see. However, it’s good for me to observe that I did get this blog post done!

(I still haven’t finished the web site for the new company, SharePoint Directions, but that’s another story…)

See you again online!

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