SharePoint MVP Question and Answer Session–Part Deux

The last time that we got a bunch of SharePoint MVPs on the same phone call was a lot of fun.  That happened last month, in March.  This month (April), there are Two (2) sessions scheduled.

Click here to register and to get the details.

April 27th,

4:00PM Pacific Time

  • Agnes Molnar
  • Asif Rehmani
  • Becky Bertram
  • Bill English
  • Clayton Cobb
  • Darrin Bishop
  • Matt McDermott
  • Mike Oryszak
  • Rob Bogue
  • Sahil Malik
  • Saifullah Shafiq Ahmed
  • Serge Tremblay
  • Shane Young

April 28th,

9:00AM Pacific Time

  • Andrew Connell
  • Bil Simser
  • Bryan Phillips
  • Chris O’Brien
  • Dan Attis
  • David Mann
  • John Ross
  • Kevin Laahs
  • Michael Mukalian
  • Muhanad Omar
  • Paul Stork
  • Randy Drisgill
  • Rob Foster
  • Spencer Harbar
  • Woody Windischman

The SharePoint MVPs are all available using Bing.  Please look them up, follow them on Twitter, and contact them as needed!

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