SharePoint 2010 Speakers at the AIIM Expo

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that SharePoint 2010 would be representing with strength at the AIIM Expo, April 20-22, in Philadelphia.

The ECM team blog has now listed the speakers that will be making their way to the conference for this event.  The list is long and distinguished. 

I am going to be delivering one of the talks – I’ll be talking about SharePoint as a Platform, and how Business Solutions are being built on the SharePoint platform today.  If you have your ideas about which features of SharePoint are instrumental in making it a strong and capable platform for application development, please comment below. Also, if you know of a business solution that is built on 2010 and leverages some SharePoint 2010 platform features, please let me know.  I am becoming aware of more all the time, but the partner ecosystem is now too large for one person to really be able to manage.

The SharePoint Summit at the AIIM Expo is going to be a lot of fun. 

You can still get a FREE Expo Pass to the AIIM Expo.  Just ask for one from us before you go to the show.  Advance assignment only…

Join Us at the SharePoint show at AIIM!

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