Are you a Solution Designer? – New SharePoint 2010 Training

Update: (15 Apr 2010) – I just learned that the Redmond class on Apr 26-27 is now SOLD OUT.  Good Luck, you SharePoint Solution Designers!

If you are active in the SharePoint community, then you know that training content for SharePoint is often targeted to Developers or to IT Professionals. 

There is a third role in most SharePoint implementations – that of a Solution Designer.  So, Microsoft has developed a new type of training for this role, and is offering the first sessions of this training for free to potential students.  

The objective of the SharePoint Solution Designer course is to train Business Analysts and Solution Architects on reusable ‘best in class’ patterns for the SharePoint platform using real-world scenarios across four solution areas. 

Recognizing and appropriately applying SharePoint solution patterns will help a Solution Designer to increase the repeatability of their solution designs, which optimizes time spent in solution design, delivery, and increases customer satisfaction. 

The course is based on one business driven development scenario for four solution areas.  This content is applicable to those who specialize in identifying the business and technical requirements of a SharePoint opportunity; and consult, design and lead the strategy, planning and business case development for enterprise initiatives related to one or more of the four capability areas.

The course continues with the development of a logical architecture designed to allow analysts and architects to design the solution from business requirements.  Students will have the ability to take the functional requirements from the sample organization presented in the course and create an actual logical SharePoint architecture that can be leveraged as a pattern in the enterprise.

The training will be offered in Redmond (WA), Dallas (TX), Charlotte (NC) and Cincinnati (OH) starting at the end of April, 2010.  It is a two-day course, and is based on SharePoint 2010 technology.  The first delivery is in Redmond on Apr 26-27.  There is no charge for attendance, but students will be responsible for their own travel and expenses.

Seats are limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information please send a mail to  If you are a Solution Designer, Sign up and tell us how this course will be useful to you!

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  1. This looks like an excellent course. Definitely of interest to our organisation. Are there plans to run this course in Australia in the coming months?


  2. This looks like an excellent course. Are there any plans to run this course in Australia in the coming months?


  3. Plans for additional deliveries over the next year, as well as other types of delivery, are still being worked on and nothing has been finalized yet.  These four deliveries are the first, and feebdack will be gathered from those 4 classes.


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