Deep in the forest of the Internet…

I can’t believe that I’m writing two blog entries in the same day for the same company… Usually, I’d wait at least another day to do that…  🙂

But Steve at Bamboo Solutions has managed to get the worst jingle ever built, and I can’t stop listening to it!


First, click watch the Song of the Day #225.

Second, click on Steve’s blog entry to read the background.

Steve’s Blog Entry for the Background…



Third, if you’re still here, I loved his embedded link to the Bing jingle contest winner (same singer), so I’m putting it here again for old times sake.

Crush It!  🙂

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2 replies

  1. Those are hilarious!  thanks for sharing Big O!


  2. Wow. Bing Bing goes the internet is different.


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