SharePoint Conference Site Design Winner!

The SharePoint Conference 2009 has announced it’s first award winner!

Robert Chrestensen, of Salient6, has submitted the winning design for the SharePoint Conference design competition.

I like Robert’s idea (at least the one that my feeble mind is able to identify) that SharePoint is going through a re-design from the original blue teamsite template to a graphical interface.  This can apply in a lot of ways!

Congratulations, Robert!

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3 replies

  1. Isn’t the concept that you can design something cool and interesting using the pretty vanilla regular Sharepoint interface?


  2. Hi Sue,
    Sure, that’s another way to say it, or to look at it.  Thanks!


  3. Sure, you can create something cool and interesting using the OOTB SharePoint interface but most clients want a completely different experience.  "Make it not look like SharePoint," is a common request.
    The power of Robert’s creations is that he works within the SharePoint framework when creating his art.  Visual designers often forget that SharePoint has some design complexities.  
    Robert, on the other hand, learned SharePoint and has implemented his own designs using SharePoint Designer so he, himself, could experience the challenges of implementing design concepts in SharePoint.
    He has developed designs that look fresh but aren’t headaches for developers or even power users to actualize in SharePoint.
    Personally, I think that’s why his entry is so powerful; he created a creative design for the SharePoint Conference using SharePoint.  I’d like to see the other entries and know whether they did the same.
    -A Robert Chrestensen fan


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