Andy Dale’s SharePoint Awards 2009

I’m a fan of the web site  It’s a great site to point anyone who is looking for SharePoint add-ons and third-party applications to add to their SharePoint farm. 

While catching up with the site the other day, I saw Andy Dale’s guest blog entry on Mike Ferrera’s OnPoint blog, where he handed out some SharePoint awards for 2009.  Thanks for the great list, Andy!  While I’m listing the awards here, please click through to his entry to see his comments about the winners and to learn more about Andy Dale and OfficeTalk.

Best SharePoint Information Site 2009
Best SharePoint Webpart Provider 2009 SharePoint Boost
Best SharePoint Administration Tool 2009 ControlPoint from Axceler
Best Website built on SharePoint 2009 Cadbury
Best SharePoint Training Package 2009 CBT Clips
Best SharePoint Offline Solution 2009 Colligo Contributor from Colligo
Most Useful SharePoint Webpart 2009 Batch Check-in from SharePoint Boost
Favorite Free SharePoint Webpart 2009 Google Search Webparts
Most Fun Free Webpart 2009 Picture Puzzle Widget from Spring Widgets
Biggest SharePoint Mess-up 209 180-Day Expire Error with SP2 from Microsoft SharePoint

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