SharePoint and the BlackBerry

I’ve been receiving a number of inquiries lately about SharePoint and BlackBerry integration.  I must admit that I don’t know a lot about these solutions yet.  It looks like here is an area that I should investigate some more. 

If you have suggestions as to how I focus this search, please let me know.  I’ll report back here as I learn more.

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  1. As a longtime Microsoft partner, just last month we released a product specifically for that, called SilverDust ( All the docs are online at our wiki –
    We will be exhibiting at both SPTechCon and the October SharePoint show.
    -David Wihl, CEO


  2. Sounds great, David.  I’m in Boston the week of SPTechCon.  Will try to find your booth!  


  3. Owen,
    What a timely post!  On my to-do list today was an action item to send you an email introducing you to H3 Solutions.  H3 has just launched Mobile Entree a development framework for mobile applications.  The H3 solution provides cross device compatibility for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and a wide range of other devices.
    H3 offers a base plugin that dynamically optimizes any SharePoint environment for mobile devices.  The base plugin provides support for lists, document libraries AND discussion boards.  This is an extremely affordable solution that enables anyone to instantly provide real usability and utility for their SharePoint portal in a mobile context.
    We’ve seen the H3 demo a couple of times now, and I give it very high marks, both from a UX and technology standpoint.  Robust functionality and configuration options around end user roles and security are a real highlight.
    I will send you personal introduction to the team at H3 in email.  Check it out!


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