Puget Sound SharePoint User Group – new Website

It’s always interesting when a website goes through a re-branding exercise, or a new launch.  You get to know a website by it’s look and feel, right?  I mean – the personality of a web site starts to come out with the look and feel, and then as you see a site change it’s content and you start to use it, you also get to know it.

Well, the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group web site has gone through a metamorphosis and has come out looking different.    Thanks to the great folks at Salient 6, there’s a new skin on the surface. 

Now, if we could just get the leadership there to keep the content fresh, things would really be going strong!

Oh – and there’s a meeting tomorrow (16 Apr 2009) night.  Be with us to hear from NewsGator and from OTB Solutions.

Ashley Roach
, NewsGator, “Delivering Enterprise Social Computing with SharePoint”

image OTB Solutions, “Enterprise Ready Applications on SharePoint with Little or No Custom Code”

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