WOW!  Check out the new web site – powered by SharePoint Server 2007!image

Lots of great information – plenty of images and videos and a great way to follow your favorite driver and team.

I’ve heard that there was a great team that contributed to this site, and I can’t wait to learn more of the stories about how the development, design, and implementation of this site occurred. 

Ferrari is an amazing company, and I’m sure that this project was handled in a top-flight way. 

The virtual tour through the Ferrari facilities and the quick wind tunnel view in the launch video is pretty cool!

Oh, and, don’t forget -  there’s a Formula 1 Grand Prix race today in Australia!  (Of course by the time most of you see this, the race will be over.)

Here is a video about the launch of the site



It’s very informative web site.  They have a description of all of the cars that they sell.  I even found the one particular model that was closest to my price range.image

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  1. The site looks great, and represents the brand well.  Nice to see the SharePoint platform helping to support their WCM strategy.


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