SharePint at AIIM

SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night!

In the grand tradition of SharePint events around the world, the AIIM Expo ‘09 edition will be held at the following time and place.

McGillin’s Olde Ale House
1310 Drury Street
Philadelphia, PA  19107
(215) 753-5562


I’m changing the start time to 7:30PM.   AIIM is holding their awards ceremony on this night, and I know of some good folks from the SharePoint community who were invited to an awards dinner by AIIM.  So, we’ll pick up the rush when the event gets out.

What is a SharePint?  Well, it’s just the BEST time of the day!  The time when SharePoint wonks put down their browsers and get together to talk amongst themselves.

It’s usually at a drinking establishment (pub), because those are the best places to get pub food.  (I don’t drink, but I’ve noticed that an awful lot of the SharePoint world does, so that’s convenient.) 

There’s no formal organization, everyone buys for themselves, except for the occasional rogue who buys for one to a hundred of his/her closest friends.

I’d love to meet you there and get to know you.  I hope that you have a great time at AIIM and that you’re able to join us at McGillin’s for the SharePint!

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  1. SharePint is a great idea. Wish I could be there to hoist a few with you. Maybe next time. Unless you need someone to help carry your bags? Or otherwise provide ECM consulting services.


  2. Owen,
    Why would you feel it weird for AIIM to invite SharePoint vandors and/or users to our awards banquet next week?  SharePoint users, vendors, and even Microsoft itself has benefited from the education, training, and informaiton about the product and the impact it is having on our indsutry.  AIIM does not endorse any products or companies.  Companies are engaged with AIIM because they recognize the value of our lead generation and educational programs that enhance the end user expeirience and allow them to make intelligent decisions to solve business problems.  AIIM supports all our trade members equally and appreciates their active involvement with our Association.


  3. Hi Bob – you’re absolutely right – in fact, AIIM has done a tremendous job of keeping the playing feel so open and non-vendor dominated.  I truly do recognize their efforts in keeping an even keel as they navigate among vendors and partners.  It’s always a pleasure to work with AIIM and their associated members/partners.  
    I’ve enjoyed AIIM Expo, also, since my first attendance, back in (I think) 1997.  It was at the Javitts center, but I’m not certain of the year.
    As for the comment that I made, I had just finished speaking to some peers that were skipping the SharePint for the awards ceremony, and I think that I was commenting in a sarcastic way that is was wierd that they would pick the awards ceremony over the Sharepint event.  
    I can completely see how that could come across in the way you described it.  
    I’ve only edited a few of my posts before.  I think this one merits editing, as that is really not the message that I want people to see, and they might not see these comments.
    So, to keep editorially honest, here’s the original paragraph, and my modifications are now in the post.
    I’m changing the start time to 7:30PM.   AIIM is holding their awards ceremony on this night, and there are, amazingly, some SharePoint people who were invited to an awards dinner by AIIM.  (I know – weird, huh?)  So, we’ll pick up the rush when the event gets out.
    Thanks for mentioning this to me.  I hope that we meet during the Expo!


  4. Owen: I’m one of those people trying to juggle both in 1 night! AIIM Awards Banquet is my first priority (I’m on the BoD with Zagami and love AIIM!). I know you personally so I know you meant no harm, no foul here, and you’re a great guy for doing the mea culpa. Can you pls keep SharePint open late?!? I’ll drag Zagami over in his Tux!


  5. It is so amusing to me to see the traditional legacy ECM/Imaging people so sensitive to Microsoft and anything that is said from MS.   If everyone would just chill out and let MS naturally lead this market, customers would finally be able to accomplish what they have been wanting for years from this industry and we all will stand to benefit.
    Owen, it is great to have you and MS engaged in ECM.


  6. It was great meeting you at SharePint Owen – and Dan did indeed drag me over there in my tux! I did feel a little out of place in McGillins dressed like a penguin.  Next time you are in Beantown let me know and we’ll tip a few in Southie and I promise you no tux!  You are a good sport and I truly enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the value Microsoft brings to our industry.


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