My Irish Heritage

In memory of today, I thought I’d look up my Irish heritage…  Here it is.  Thomas Eagar was the bloke who left home and traveled to the U.S., in the early 1800s.


Thomas Eagar (Son of Frances Eagar and Elizabeth Rice) – emigrated to the Unites States

B: 1 Jan 1792, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

D: 8 Jun 1840, Westchester, NY, US


Frances Eagar

B: about 1750, Ireland

D: about 1799, Ballyncourt Co, Kerry, Ireland

Married to

Elizabeth Rice

B: about 1735, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

D: Cuel, Kerry, Ireland


Frances Eagar

B: 27 Feb 1699, Brackloon, Mayo, Ireland

D: about 1772, Brackloon, Kerry, Ireland

Married to

Hanorica Hickson

B: 30 June 1704, Dingle Kerry, Ireland

D: about 1794, Ireland


Dominick Rice

B: about 1720, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

D: 1755

Married to

Mary Callis

B: about 1724, Taulaght, Kerry, Ireland


John Eagar

B: about 1667, Ballymalie, Kerry, Ireland

D: Killarnay Church Court, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Dorothea Jallis

B: about 1672

D: Ballymalis Co, Co Kerry, Ireland


Thomas Hickson

B: about 1679

                Married to


B: about 1682


Dominick Rice

B: about 1692, Dingle Co, Kerry, Ireland

D: before 1757

                Married to

Mary Rice

B: about 1698, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland


John Collis

B: about 1696, Of Kilgobben, Kerry, Ireland

D: 1727

                Married to

Elizabeth Cooke

B: about 1700, Of Castle Cooke, Cork, Ireland


John Eagar and Dorothea Jallis described above…


Alexander Eagar

B: about 1635, Kerry Co., Ireland

D: 1696, Ballymalis Castl, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Rose O’Toole

B: about 1639, Co. Limerick, Ireland

D: Ballymalis Co, Kerry, Ireland


Philip Tallis

B: about 1644, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Mary Coddington

B: about 1649, Holmpatrick, Dublin, Ireland


Robert Eagar

B: about 1604, Ireland

D: Queens Co., Leix, Ireland

                Married to


B: about 1610, England


Capt. O’Toole

B: about 1613, Limerick, Ireland


William Coddington

B: about 1607, Ireland

D: 2 Apr 1657, Co Wicklow, Ireland

                Married to

Thomasina Calton

B: about 1610, Holmpatrick, Dublin, Ireland


Mr. Coddington

B: about 1582, Home Patrick, Dublin, Ireland

                Married to

Mrs. Coddington

B: about 1586, Home Patrick, Dublin, Ireland


Mr. Calton

B: about 1585, Ireland

                Married to

Mrs. Calton

B: about 1585, Ireland


The Elizabeth Cooke line, above, comes out of Cork, Ireland…  I am running out of time, though… 

So – are we related?  🙂



Photos and data found via, compiled by uncounted others who have spent much more time on genealogy than I have.  My mother taught me all I know about genealogy.  I enjoy it, but don’t get to spend much time on it at present.

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