New Phone – Samsung Epix (i907)

Another watershed day in history, occurring this mid-January.

I broke down and decided to part with my trusty phone.

I’ve been using the HTC S730 for a couple of years now, and have enjoyed it.  I have enjoyed my detour into the Smartphone arena, and the phone worked well.  For the past couple of months, cracks have been showing up, and I was afraid that I was one more drop away from losing my virtual assistant.

I was trying to decided between the Palm Treo Pro, the HTC Fuze, and the Samsung Epix, and Thursday, when I found myself accidentally in an AT&T store, I submitted to the wave and purchased the Samsung Epix (i907).  Once I get used to the new form factor, I’ll be back up to speed.

The optical mouse on the front was great.  However, I’ve switched the configuration on that mouse over to use it as a 4-way navigation button.  I’ll try that for a while to see if it works better.  (I really missed having arrow keys, due to what I realized to be the surprising amount of text editing that I do on my phone)

OLD and NEW….


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