Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group Meeting – Jan 2009

Tonight we’ve got a great meeting going on at the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group.  There are over 60 people in attendance tonight, and we ran out of pizza.  Bo had to order a second batch.  P1000870

Trying to figure out why, it could be because we’ve got a new guy who is creating the email invitations, (Greg Frick), or it’s because we have a beautiful actress, who is also a SharePoint maven, giving the first presentation today, or it is because everyone set a New Year’s Resolution to attend more local User Group meetings.  Being geeks, we have our suspicions, but without more evidence, we’re not exactly sure why.

Katherine Woolverton, of Corbis, is sharing some war stories about the history of the SharePoint implementation at Corbis.  She was laid off for about a minute, at one point, some years ago, until they realized how critical she was, as the only SharePoint administrator in the building.  Since that time, Corbis has grown their SharePoint site, is using it for more purposes, and her department is growing.  She now has a farm administrator who handles the back end of the farm.  Katherine commented that, “she is not allowed in the 12 Hive.” 

I think that the best user group presentations are when a user actually is showing and talking about their stuff.  Katherine did an incredible job. 

Francis Cheung and Chris Keyser, from the SharePoint Patterns and Practices Group at Microsoft, delivered the second half of the presentation.

There is a CodePlex project called “patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance,” where this documentation and guidance can be found.

Here is the MSDN site location for SharePoint Guidance, where more information about suggested Patterns and Practices can be found.

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