There’s No Laughing in the Bookstore!

So, I was spending a few minutes at the Registration table for Dev Connections / SharePoint Connections this afternoon.  (What are we supposed to call it?  Is it SharePoint Connections or Dev Connections?)  After getting my fancy new backpack (which I’ve already worn for the last time), I meandered over to the tables full of books, which serves as a quasi-bookstore on the main floor.  (The Main Floor is Floor 3…  yeah – me, too.)

So, I’m looking at the books, thinking that I already have way too many books, and that my office now has a new way for me to purchase computer books, and if I were to buy one here, would it really be worth going against The Rules?  I had decided that no, I wouldn’t buy a book, but I hadn’t finished my walk around the square of tables that seemed to lock some book-re-stockers into the middle of the square, and actually had convinced everyone walking around the table that they were in a real bookstore.  I knew they were convinced because it was so quiet.

I saw a book titled, "More Joel on Software."  I just finished reading "Smart and Gets Things Done," which is one of Joel’s previous books, mostly because I wanted to be.  Anyways, because of the similarity (exactness) of the author’s names, I thought that this "More Joel on Software" book would also be a fun read.  So, I picked it up and leafed through the table of contents.  (This is how I read most of my books – don’t tell my 5th grade teacher, where I won a reading award for reading the most books.)  Part One, Chapter One is titled, "My First BillG Review."  I thought, oh, this will be good, and I will probably never have a BillG review, but I’ve heard different things about them – let’s see how this one went.

So, I read that first chapter, while standing in the "bookstore", focusing my attention on the book so I couldn’t see that everyone else wasn’t even looking at me, nor caring about what was going on.

This chapter was very cool.  Joel does a great job of keeping his lessons light and to the point.  I started laughing aloud.  This is part where everyone in the "bookstore" stopped their routes and looked over at me.  So, I bought it.  I’m looking forward to reading this.

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