SharePoint ISVs – Do You Care Enough to Work the Room?

So, I was reading my own blog, and decided that I should review the last few months of Gary Vaynerchuk if I was going to include a link and an embedded video for his show…  (see my previous post). 

I found this other one of his… from just last week!  Not sure where I was, but I hadn’t seen it.  "Giving a Presentation vs. Working the Room"  The title is just one principle that he espouses in this quick video.  Worth watching.  Then, ask yourself, "Do you care enough to work the room?"  Well, do you, punk?

I’m learning a couple of things about web marketing from some great leaders of the SharePoint ISV companies that I am visiting with.  I wonder if there’s a way that I can help them.  Web Marketing…  build a brand.  SharePoint could be a platform for building your brand.  (I like that.)

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