How the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint Helps Tackle Corporate Communications and Training

Two challenges that are consistently recognized among organizations in most industries are those of Corporate Communications and Employee Training.

SharePoint, as a collaboration tool, has the platform pieces required to address these challenges, such as user profiles, state management, managed storage, search and findability, publishing, etc. 

The Podcasting Kit for SharePoint is a solution that leverages the capabilities of SharePoint and wraps site design, administration, and process control that is appropriate to meet the challenges of Corporate Communication and Employee Training.

If you are using SharePoint, the Podcasting Kit provides another set of capabilities that will help you bring real value to your organization.

There is a webcast on Thursday, November 13, about the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint. 

For live viewing details, see Mike Gannotti’s post about the webcast

For the recorded webcast, find information on the video wiki page.

The Podcasting Kit for SharePoint is a free solution that leverages Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  Download the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint here.

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