A Day in the Life at PDC2008

Heh.  I got a kick out of this lay-man’s perspective of a typical day in the life at PDC.  Having experienced this, it made me chuckle. 

There were many other activites duringthe week that may have been a little too over the top for this non-technical reporter to catch…  Ask the Experts is actually the only dinner that they serve at the event (except for the free vending areas on Universal Studios night), and it draws a particular type of crowd that can’t get enough of walking around the product booths during the day.  The product booths on the main conference floor are amazing. 

As Spence Harbar twittered, once again the monster amazes with sheer scope of its ambition and resources.”  

I was part of his alleged monster, and I’ve been attending events like this for many years, and I was also taken aback, once again, at the size and scope and professionalism of the conference. 

Another comment.  I was impressed, also, at the extent that each of the product groups and the DPE organization, have gone to foster separate and distinct communities amongst their users and fans.  The presence of communities for many different development topics and products could not be missed.  I would like to understand what the magic sauce is to kep communities of users alive.  I’ve tried to start many different types of user communities, some of which are still in place, using different approaches, and they take hard work.  That, or amazing content.  đŸ™‚

I wonder what you think, if you haven’t experienced one of these conferences before?  Please leave a comment if you have a take on it.


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