Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group SPRINT Event

We’ve got such a great group of folks that are part of the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group (PSSPUG).  Greg Frick, a SharePoint Trainer at SQLSoft+ in Bellevue, is a member, and has, with the help of about 5-6 other key members, organized an amazing day of SharePoint training and experience, scheduled for this Saturday.

There are about 40 people already registered, and we will have multiple SPRINT targets – some involving code and some “No-Code”.  In SPRINT form, we’ll be using SCRUM methodology and meet in the morning to plan the morning work and again after lunch to plan the afternoon effort.

Those who have selected the “No-Code” activities will be able to build a WSS farm or a MOSS farm and configure it with direction, or following a prepared setup and configuration guide.  A Sprint intranet “sprintranet” will be setup and each team will create wiki entries to document progress, best practices, and lessons learned.  This information will be pulled together after the SPRINT and compiled and posted on the PSSPUG web site.

Greg has lined up sponsors to help support the day, and has done an amazing job. 

See you at the SPRINT!

Sponsors of the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group SPRINT event include:








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