SharePint at PDC2008

If you are attending PDC2008, and you are a SharePoint developer or ISV-related friend, please join me and some of my closest friends at Andrew Connell’s SharePoint by Day – SharePoint by Night event.  It’s a casual, informal couple of hours to prepare everyone for the week ahead. 

We’ll be at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel bar starting around 7PM.  Have a safe trip and we’ll see you there!

Feel free to RSVP in the comments here if you are going to meet us there, and we’ll keep our eyes open for you!

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2 replies

  1. SharePint at PDC2008?  You don’t by chance mean "SharePoint", do you?  🙂
    You’re the man,


  2. Hi Jono, it depends on the clock…
    SharePoint by Day,
    SharePint by Night!


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