SharePoint VPC for Download

A quick heads up that the SharePoint evaluation VPC that is currently available for download from has an expiration date at the end of September 2008. 

An renewed version of the VPC with an extended expiration date (March 2010) will be available in a few days.

Did you know that the SharePoint VPC is the 2nd most downloadable image from the collection of VPCs on this site?  (10s of thousands of downloads)…  It provides a grace period of 30 days from first use before activation is required. 

The expiration date cannot be extended – the expiration date is not the same as an activation required-by date. 

If you have been using this demo image (even if you’ve activated it), you must migrate your modifications to the new VPC.  Please remember that this image is not an image that should be used for long term demonstrations or even production – it’s for evaluation only.  That being said – Enjoy!

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