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Well, all the excitement about starting a new job and letting ideas  start to sift through areas of my brain that I haven’t used for ten years has caused me to think about what bad habits to throw out and where I can start anew with some good habits.

Although I am a big David Allen and Getting Things Done fan, if you were to get all “CSI” on my computer, you’d realize that I’m also a big fan of the “Keep Everything In Your Inbox and Weep While You Scroll Through It” theory.

So, as I was sifting through my old newsfeeds, fiddling with FeedDemon again – deleting some old feeds, and trying to bring to the top those that will help going forward, I ran across 43 Folders again.

If you’re a fan of the LifeHacker meme, you’ll probably recognize this feed.  Love ‘em, but I haven’t visited lately. inboxZero

Well, I ran across a video that Merlin Mann did last year where he describes Inbox Zero.  He describes his variation of GTD, and talks about the beauty of keeping your inbox clean.  Merlin mentions the insanity that can come with an Inbox that is too full, and that describes a portion of my life that I’d like to change.  Looks like I’m going to the Email DMZ – I’m too chicken to try Email Bankruptcy.  (Watch the talk to understand those terms!)

Even though this talk is old, it’s one of those that still applies – completely.

There’s also a collection of posts related to Inbox Zero on the 43 Folders site. 

Link:  Watch the Video

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