Tending a New Garden

For two years, I experimented with other sites to host my blog.  I am now back to this hosting address.

I experimented with www.canaltown.net, and wanted to mix some personal and some professional together in my blog.  That didn’t seem to work so well.  I had an interesting time feeling very passionate about the messaging when I was mixing the two types of posts.

I then switched over to an interim site on sharepoint.microsoft.com/blogs.  A fun little community, and one that I enjoyed, but one that isn’t ready to take me where I want to go next.

Last week, I accepted a new position within Microsoft as a Sr. Product Manager with the SharePoint Partner Group.  I’ll start soon after Labor Day, and I am very excited about my new role.

I feel a bit of sadness leaving my customers in the Northwest US after having worked with and served them for 6 years. 

I will be working with ISVs that are building software packages and solutions that integrate with SharePoint, and I anticipate some heavy blogging activity.  For this reason, I’m moving back to the blogs.msdn.com site for my blog, and I hope that the disruption (for my 15 readers!?) isn’t too intense.

If I can find a way to port my postings from my two interim blog sites, into this site, I’d like to do that.  We’ll see.  (UPDATE:  I did get the previous posts imported – Way to go, Live Writer!)

I can’t wait to see where SharePoint will pop up next, and which partner solutions will be instrumental in the next months and years in helping to carry SharePoint in new and interesting directions.  I hope to comment and bring you stories about this next journey.

Please feel fee to contact me at any time using the Email link on the sidebar of this blog.

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