Mitt Suspends the Campaign

Campaign 2008 has been a learning process for Mitt as well as it has been an introductory process for the country.  Mitt has made incredible progress in the last year.  Today he gave a stirring speech where he lays out the issues facing the country today and in the near future. 

Mitt quoted from David Landis, and spoke about how important our culture really is – in the direction that our civilizaton is moving – it is culture that makes all the difference. 

Mitt described the American culture, portions of which are dependent on opportunity and hard work and achievement.  This is where the strength of our culture is derived from.  He then commented about how entitlements and welfare and other governments programs that foster dependency are a threat to our national culture.

I quote from Mitt, "Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity. Dependency is a culture-killing drug. We have got to fight it like the poison it is. "

After describing his optimism for the future, and his challenge to all of us to confront the challenges that lie ahead, he suspended his presidential campaign so that the national campaign will not be stalled. 

If you have not listened to today’s speech, I encourage you to do so.   You will find the link here:

Romney has set a great bar for others to follow.  I hope, and have faith, that Mitt will continue to lead in subsequent years.  The conservative voice needs a leader, and Mitt has the tools to provide that voice and that direction.  I hope that John McCain will recognize Mitt’s capabilities and not be fearful to include such strength within his many positions of counsel.

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