Ecma Open Office XML Comments Completed Today

All of the 3,522 national body comments for the Ecma Open Office XML file format have been responded to and published today.  The team has been doing a lot of work on this, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to glimpse just a bit into this process.  The folks are working extremely hard, but some good work has been accomplished.

These are the proposed dispositions (changes) to the file format specification that are being proposed by TC45 in response to the comments from the national bodies to the first draft.  Here is the press release from Ecma.

Now the next phase starts – or continues, as some of the national bodies have already been tracking in-process dispositions.  The next phase is reconciling the proposed dispositions with each of the comments from the national bodies, in preparation for the Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) which is approaching at the end of February.

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