Top Things About SharePoint That You May Not Have Known – Arpan Shah

On October 9th, we were able to host Arpan Shah, Director of Technical Product Marketing Management for SharePoint, and hosted a Live Meeting broadcast of a speech that he has been working on, titled "The Top Things About SharePoint That You May Not Have Known".  We broadcast this out to over 100 attendees, locally in Bellevue and Portland, and remotely on Live Meeting.  We recorded the session, but the audio did not get recorded.  The video is completely useless without the audio.

Needless to say, I’ve taken the audio engineers out back and had them summarily reprimanded and sentenced to a weekend of nothing but Halo 3.  (They apparently are people with extremely strong personalities and took their punishment without a whimper… curious…)

Anyway – I apologize for not having the broadcast of this session.  I have no doubt that Arpan will share this speech again soon and when it is recorded, I’ll post an update here with that recording.

Arpan’s slides are available for download here

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