PSSPUG Meeting – 6 SEP 2007

Last night was our first "real" Hands-On Lab session for the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group. Keith Bunge, who is a SharePoint developer at Solanite, led the group through a hands-on lab session that covered building a web part in ASP.Net 2.0 and compared it with building a SharePoint web part, and then publishing the web part on a SharePoint site. We had 52 user group members in attendance, and earlier we had distributed copies of a virtual PC image that the labs would be based on (Image019a). Most of the users had the image running, but some followed Keith’s presentation using pen and paper.

Keith did a great job, and this is going to be a monthly part of the User Group. We’ve got a program where we have two regular meetings a month. One of the meetings is for training and is this series of Hands-On with SharePoint sessions. (Hey – that’s not a bad name…)

The second regular meeting of each month is the general Users Group meeting. This is the meeting where we bring in great speakers, sponsor presentations, customer case studies, etc. This is the larger meeting of the month, and if you can only get the Hall Pass to attend one meeting a month, the general users group meeting is the one to attend. Two months ago we had Joel Oleson and Christian Stark, last month we had Lawrence Liu, this month is Arpan Shah, and next month is Andrew Connell. If that’s not a killer line-up for a SharePoint Users Group, I don’t know what is. (It’s almost embarrassing how good this list of speakers is! – heh, heh.)

Our next meeting will be Sep 20th, 6:30 – 8:30PM in Bellevue. See the web site for more details! Sign up on the mailing list if you’d like to attend. Oh, and by the way, we reached a great little milestone and are now part of the INETA user group association.

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