SharePoint Sales top $800 Million

SharePoint is an amazing technology, and includes a broad collection of features.  Organizations are absorbing it as fast as possible, but this level of sales was not expected.  (see the PR Announcement)  In fact, there are still some areas of infrastructure within Microsoft that are still spinning their wheels as rapidly as possible trying to keep up with the demand!  This is a good thing, as it keeps different groups working hard and keeps all of us from getting complacent.  The Microsoft fiscal year ends at the end of June, and in prior years, I’ve been able to rest (meaning only work 40 hours/week) in July and August and participate in training activities, etc., and prepare for the "busy" time of the year as summer draws to a close.  However, this year, I’m still working nights and weekends trying to keep up with this wave of technology and the demands of our great Microsoft customers in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s all good.  I did get time to see the Simpsons movie with my kids and Brother-in-law last night.  Hilarious!  The whole theatre was laughing throughout the movie.  Great fun.

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